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Transporting machines is heavy, complex work. In-depth knowledge is required to pull it off.

At WAVEMOVERS, we work with our clients to ensure a smooth transportation of their machines, everytime. You know your machines better than anyone. That’s why our consultations include discussion about your machines, how they operate, and how best they can be moved. With your machine know-how, and our moving expertise, we make a stellar machine moving team.

Don’t trust the safety and security of your machines to ANY moving company—call the professionals. WAVEMOVERS have been transporting machines in Canada for a long time. We’ve seen and done it all. There is no job too big, or too small, for WAVEMOVERS.

Many companies that offer transportation of machines offer the same equipment, manpower, and trucks. However, what sets WAVEMOVERS apart from the competition is our transparent quotes, our communication, and our customer service. We pride ourselves on these factors as the foundation of our business.

Our team are the best. We hand select our team based on experience, expertise, and personality. WAVEMOVERS should be your first call when considering transportation of machines in Canada.


If you’re going to move furniture yourself, we want you to do it safely. That’s why we came up with this list of furniture moving tips.

1. Use your head instead of your back.
It sounds silly but we’re serious. Plan ahead. Know the dimensions of your space vs the dimensions of your couch. Ensure that you’re prepared for the twists and turns of your hallways when you get to them. This tip will save you a ton of trouble. Take the time, and plan ahead.

2. Moving a couch
When going through a doorway, it’s often easier to stand the couch on end. Just be careful of the ceiling!

3. Furniture carrying straps
There’s this beautiful invention called the “shoulder dolly”. They are heavy duty straps that go over your shoulders to more even spread the weight of the furniture you’re carrying. This saves your back from the intense pressure of moving furniture, and overall makes the job feel much lighter.

4. Slide your furniture
Why fight gravity when you can work with it? Got an extra rug or towel lying around? Slide it under the piece of furniture you’re wanting to move and you’ll immediately notice how easily it slides around. Of course, you don’t want to be sliding the furniture down the stairs, but if you’ve got a nice, smooth floor to work with—you’re golden.

5. Protect furniture
Wrap it up. Your walls look nice without holes, and your furniture looks nice with no scratches. Let’s keep it that way. Wrap your furniture in blankets and towels to prevent damage. It takes a little bit of prep work but trust us when we say: it’s better than having to repair your couch.

6. Take the back off a recliner
Did you know that most recliners come with a removable back? Without taking the back off a recliner, they’re super awkward with very uneven weight distribution. Not only does taking the back off your recliner make it smaller, it also makes it way easier to carry. This simple tip can save you a huge headache.

7. Use Ramps
Ramps are a simple yet genius way to move furniture from a low platform to a high one. Plywood works great, but steel ramps are the best. If you combine the ramp with the blanket underneath, you’re sliding your way to an easy move.

If all of this seems like a lot, call WAVEMOVERS. We’ll handle every single facet of your furniture moving from beginning to end. We are Canada’s first choice for furniture moving!


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